Player Acquisition Models

One of the ways that we separate ourselves from our competitors is our ability to work with nearly any player acquisition model with our proprietary affiliate management software. Whether it’s a non product specific model, such as Rev Share, CPA or Hybrid or product specific models like Prop and Rakeback our system can implement it to bring your targeted traffic.


From user focused promotions to affiliate promotions, we have done it all. User targeted promotions range from free money, freerolls, rake races, rake chases, point’s races, Twitter and Facebook giveaway and many more. We continue to stay innovative and work with operators constantly striving to create a promotion to get the traffic they desire.

Email Marketing

With a database of over 1 million registered users to our gaming focused properties and over 15,000 gaming centric affiliate marketers, Fourcubed has the ability to make any operators message get their desired exposure.


The value from us doesn’t stop after the user signups at the operator. From custom promotions like Unlimited Bankrolls and Gold Bars to our targeted email marketing campaigns which focus on retention we work with operators to continue to drive value to them long after the signup has taken place.

Display Advertisement

With hundreds of thousands of page views across the properties on our network, we offer a variety of display advertising options with specific geo-targeting capabilities.

  • Standard banner advertising
  • Takeover background ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Footer pop-up ads
  • Peel down ads

Integrated Content

We have the ability to place advertorial content about an operator, promotion, etc. into our regular article flow on a number of sites throughout the month.

With advertorial content organically placed on multiple sites listed in Google news, there are also tremendous SEO and branding benefits.


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